k6 Cloud for Education

The Education Program provides a free subscription for community champions teaching performance testing with k6 at universities, meetups, and other events.

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Cloud load testing service | k6 Cloud

k6 Cloud is the easiest choice when teaching people performance testing

It’s fully managed - trivial to set up and instantly scale your testing.

The dashboards in our app are a great way of analyzing your performance results and the reliability of your systems.

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Free subscription for you and students

We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to teach how to do performance testing with k6 to your peers or students!

Preparing content and learning take time and involve trial and error. That’s why we want to help with k6 Cloud, so you can focus on creating engaging materials!

Cloud load testing service | k6 Cloud

How to participate in the Education Program

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You’re the primary user of this account, as a teacher, (bootcamp) instructor, or community member who gives presentations, workshops, or courses about performance testing using k6.
  2. You’re available to answer questions about your experience that we might have.

Subscription Terms

  1. A Team Subscription is provided for free for the preparation and the execution of the teaching. If you have other specific requirements, let us know.
  2. Subscription renewal is available on request if you/ your project still meet(s) the requirements.

Subscription Restrictions

  1. Usage is limited to educational purposes, and can’t be used to load test commercial projects.
  2. Use of the software is restricted to the licensed user with no right to transfer the rights to any third parties.
  3. We require proof of the incoming course, workshop, lecture, etc. We review requests on a case-by-case basis, and approve or decline at our sole discretion.

If your project does not meet our eligibility requirements or if you have any questions, please contact us at support@k6.io Your project may still qualify for possible discounts under other programs.

I teach k6 and load testing as part of the Masters in DevOps program. We use it to do performance testing of web apps in a CI/CD pipeline. k6 Cloud is a great tool, I love the fact that we can script the tests in JavaScript, and that the thresholds for pass/fail are flexible.

We wanted to make them aware of the real struggles, this was not a get to ‘Hello, world’ in the shortest amount of time. The challenges were based on real world scenarios. Not trivial changes that break a build.

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