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⚠️ This documentation is outdated. Please visit for the latest k6 documentation.📚

waitForEvent(event[, optionsOrPredicate])


This method is a work in progress. It requires async functionality and returning a Promise to be useful in scripts. Refer to #447 for details.

Consider using the sync methods Page.waitForNavigation() and Page.waitForSelector() instead.

Waits for the event to fire and passes its value into the predicate function. Returns the event data value when the predicate returns true.

stringnullName of event to wait for. NOTE: Currently this argument is disregarded, and waitForEvent will always wait for 'close' or 'page' events.
function|objectnullOptional. If it's a function, the 'page' event data will be passed to it and it must return true to continue.


objectPage object