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Besides running cloud tests, you can also stream your test results in real-time to the k6 Cloud.

The k6 Cloud will pre-process your data, and you can visualize and analyze the results on the web app.


1 (Optional) - Log in to the k6 Cloud

Assuming you have installed k6, the first step is to log in to k6 Cloud. You can use your API token or username and password:

Log in to k6 Cloud
Log in with username and password
$ k6 login cloud --token <YOUR_K6_CLOUD_API_TOKEN>

2 - Run the tests and upload the results

Now, k6 will authenticate you against the k6 Cloud, and you can use the --out option to send the k6 results to the k6 Cloud as:

Upload results to the k6 Cloud
$ k6 run --out cloud script.js

Alternatively, you could skip the k6 login command when using your API token with the k6 run command as:

Upload results to the k6 Cloud using K6_CLOUD_TOKEN
$ K6_CLOUD_TOKEN=<YOUR_K6_CLOUD_API_TOKEN> k6 run --out cloud script.js

After running the command, the console shows an URL. Copy this URL and paste it in your browser's address bar to visualize the test results.

execution: local
output: cloud (
script: script.js

k6 Cloud Test Results

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