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⚠️ Compatibility

The xk6-browser API aims for rough compatibility with the Playwright API for NodeJS.

Because k6 does not run in NodeJS, the xk6-browser API will slightly differ from its Playwright counterpart.

Note that k6 APIs are synchronous.

Supported APIs

Missing Playwright APIs

🚧 xk6-browser is in beta - we are working to cover more Playwright APIs.


import launcher from 'k6/x/browser';
export default function () {
const browser = launcher.launch('chromium', {
args: [], // Extra commandline arguments to include when launching browser process
debug: true, // Log all CDP messages to k6 logging subsystem
devtools: true, // Open up developer tools in the browser by default
env: {}, // Environment variables to set before launching browser process
executablePath: null, // Override search for browser executable in favor of specified absolute path
headless: false, // Show browser UI or not
ignoreDefaultArgs: [], // Ignore any of the default arguments included when launching browser process
proxy: {}, // Specify to set browser's proxy config
slowMo: '500ms', // Slow down input actions and navigations by specified time
timeout: '30s', // Default timeout to use for various actions and navigations

Browser-level APIs