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⚠️ Compatibility

The xk6-browser API aims for rough compatibility with the Playwright API for NodeJS.

Because k6 does not run in NodeJS, the xk6-browser API will slightly differ from its Playwright counterpart.

Note that k6 APIs are synchronous.

Supported APIs

Missing Playwright APIs

The following missing APIs depends on event-loop support in k6:

🚧 xk6-browser is in beta - we are working to cover more Playwright APIs.


import launcher from 'k6/x/browser';
export default function () {
const browser = launcher.launch('chromium');
const context = browser.newContext({
acceptDownloads: false, // Whether to accepts downloading of files by defaul
bypassCSP: false, // Whether to bypass content-security-policy rules
colorScheme: 'light', // Preferred color scheme of browser ('light', 'dark' or 'no-preference')
deviceScaleFactor: 1.0, // Device scaling factor
extraHTTPHeaders: { name: 'value' }, // HTTP headers to always include in HTTP requests
geolocation: { latitude: 0.0, longitude: 0.0 }, // Geolocation to use
hasTouch: false, // Simulate device with touch or not
httpCredentials: { username: null, password: null }, // Credentials to use if encountering HTTP authentication
ignoreHTTPSErrors: false, // Ignore HTTPS certificate issues
isMobile: false, // Simulate mobile device or not
javaScriptEnabled: true, // Should JavaScript be enabled or not
locale: 'en-US', // The locale to set
offline: false, // Whether to put browser in offline or not
permissions: ['midi'], // Permisions to grant by default
reducedMotion: 'no-preference', // Indicate to browser whether it should try to reduce motion/animations
screen: { width: 800, height: 600 }, // Set default screen size
timezoneID: '', // Set default timezone to use
userAgent: '', // Set default user-agent string to use
viewport: { width: 800, height: 600 }, // Set default viewport to use

Browser-level APIs