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b64decode( input, [encoding] )

Decode the passed base64 encoded input string into the unencoded original string.

Parameter Type Description
input string The string to base64 decode.
encoding (optional) string The base64 encoding to use.
Available options are:
- "std": the standard encoding with = padding chars and + and / characters in encoding alphabet. This is the default.
- "rawstd": like std but without = padding characters.
- "url": URL safe version of std, encoding alphabet doesn't contain + and / characters, but rather - and _ characters.
- "rawurl": like url but without = padding characters.


Type Description
string The base64 decoded version of the input string.


import { check } from "k6";
import encoding from "k6/encoding";

export default function() {
    let str = "hello world";
    let enc = "aGVsbG8gd29ybGQ=";
    check(null, {
        "is encoding correct": () => encoding.b64encode(str) === enc,
        "is decoding correct": () => encoding.b64decode(enc) === str