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On this page, you will find information about where you can ask your k6 questions, discuss about k6 and how you could contribute to the project.

Before we start, please read our Code of Conduct. k6 has adopted the Contributor Covenant, and we expect all community members to adhere to it.

Questions and discussions

The community forum is the primary support channel of the k6 community. It’s the place to discuss features, recommendations and support type of questions.

Use Stack Overflow to ask code-level questions or if you encountered a particular error. Start out by searching using the k6 tag, and if you find no prior answers, just create a new question using the k6 and load-testing tags.

Feature Requests and Ideas

The community forum is a great place for discussions. Open a conversation if you want to discuss a rough idea, features, architecture and best practices.

If you already have a well-formulated idea of your feature request, we recommend filing a new issue, if there isn’t an open one already.

Reporting bugs

If you find a bug in k6, file an issue. Please search that it hasn’t previously reported.

If you have found a bug on this documentation site, please let us know in the #documentation channel on Slack.


Interested in contributing to the k6 project? We're super-excited to have you! 🥳 There are multiple ways in which you could contribute to the project, you'll find some ideas below:

  • Report bugs and features.
  • Contributing to the development through open issues on Github If the issue is complex, it's usually a good idea to discuss your approach in the issue before you start writing code. We have issues labeled as good first issue that have a limited scope.
  • Blog about k6. Contact us on Slack if you would like your post to be promoted. It's also nice if you mention @k6 if you publish any links on twitter.
  • Give a talk about k6. Let us know on Slack to see how we may help you.

Cheat Sheet

Type of question Channel
How do I? Stack Overflow, use the tags k6, javascript, and load-testing.
The Community Forum
I got this error, why? Stack Overflow
I got this error and I'm sure it's a bug File an issue
Why do you? When will you? Slack
I want to contribute/help with development Start here, then proceed to Slack and issues