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Grafana Plugin

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The k6 Cloud Grafana Data Source Plugin allows you to view your test results stored in k6 Cloud in Grafana.

k6 Cloud Grafana Data Source Plugin

Installing on Grafana Cloud

If you do not have a Grafana Cloud account, you can sign up for free here.

Click on the Install plugin button on the k6 Cloud Data Source page on

Install k6 Cloud Grafana Plugin

Installing on a local Grafana instance

The plugin is installed using the Grafana CLI and instructions can be found on the installation page.

grafana-cli plugins install grafana-k6cloud-datasource

Restart your Grafana server after installing the plugin.

Configure the data source

To access your k6 Cloud test results, you need to configure your k6 Cloud Token on the Grafana data source.

Access the Data sources page and select the k6 Cloud data source - available with the search box.

Copy your k6 Cloud Token and paste it into the API Token field. Click the Save & Test button to check that your Token is valid and that the data source can connect to the K6 Cloud.

Configure k6 Cloud Grafana Data Source Plugin

Import the k6 Cloud dashboards

The k6 Cloud data source includes two dashboards that can be imported from the Dashboards tab.

k6 Cloud Grafana Data Source Dashboards

Visualize the k6 Cloud test results

After importing the k6 dashboard, select a k6 dashboard to find a test across all your k6 projects and visualize the test results in Grafana.

k6 Cloud Test Listing Dashboard

k6 Cloud Test Result Dashboard