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The k6 Cloud Grafana Data Source Plugin allows you to view your test results stored in k6 Cloud in Grafana. It recreates dashboards you're already familiar with in k6 Cloud.

k6 Cloud Grafana Data Source Plugin

The way you install the plugin will vary depending on how you've installed your instance of Grafana. On this page, we'll show you how to install the plugin on a local Grafana instance, Grafana Cloud, and Grafana in a Kubernetes cluster.

Installing on a local Grafana instance

First, install the Grafana CLI. Here are instructions to do that.

Then, execute the following command:

grafana-cli plugins install grafana-k6cloud-datasource

Restart your Grafana server after installing the plugin.

Installing on Grafana Cloud

If you do not have a Grafana Cloud account, you can sign up for free here.

Click on the Install plugin button on the k6 Cloud Data Source page on

Install k6 Cloud Grafana Plugin

Installing on Grafana in Kubernetes

The easiest way to install a plugin on Grafana in a Kubernetes cluster is to use the Helm Package Manager. You can install Helm here.

Create a file called values.yaml and copy the following into it:

## Pass the plugins you want installed as a list.
- grafana-k6cloud-datasource

If you want to configure other settings at this point, you can use this sample values.yaml file as a guide. When you're done, save the file locally.

Add the Grafana Helm Charts repository to Helm:

helm repo add grafana

Now, install Grafana, using the values.yaml file that you created earlier:

helm install -f values.yaml grafana grafana/grafana

Configure the data source

To access your k6 Cloud test results, you need to configure your k6 Cloud Token on the k6 Cloud Grafana data source.

From the Grafana UI, access the Data sources page (Settings > Data sources), search for the k6 Cloud Grafana data source, and select it.

Copy your k6 Cloud Token and paste it into the API Token field. Click the Save & Test button to verify that your token is valid and that the data source can connect to k6 Cloud.

Configure k6 Cloud Grafana Data Source Plugin

Import the k6 Cloud dashboards

The k6 Cloud data source includes two dashboards. Import both from the Dashboards tab.

k6 Cloud Grafana Data Source Dashboards

Visualize the k6 Cloud test results

You can now select a k6 dashboard to find a test across all your k6 projects and visualize the test results in Grafana.

The k6 Cloud Test Runs List dashboard displays all tests executed on k6 Cloud. Choose the appropriate values in the Organization, Project, and Test dropdown menus to find the tests you're looking for.

k6 Cloud Test Listing Dashboard

The k6 Cloud Test Run Result dashboard displays metrics for the selected test. You can get to this dashboard by selecting it in Dashboards > Home within the Grafana UI or by clicking on a test from the k6 Cloud Test Runs List dashboard. You can also select the right test by choosing different options from the Organization, Project, Test, and Test Run dropdown menus.

k6 Cloud Test Result Dashboard

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