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A support team you can count on

Accelerated Onboarding

We help your team do performance testing with k6 right the first time. From your proof of concept through your entire journey with us, our expert support team will help you accomplish your goals quickly.

Deep Product Knowledge

We’ve spent the last 12 years helping teams improve product reliability, scalability, and performance. We incorporated our expertise into k6 OSS and the k6 Cloud so that you can do your job better and be more confident with your testing.

Best Practice Guidance

We provide best practices and product recommendations customized to your use cases. Our guidance will ensure your teams are set up for success in every step of their continuous testing journey.

Open Source Involvement

The k6 community is growing fast, and today, k6 is the leading open-source load testing alternative. You will get support and guidance from the team behind k6 OSS to implement your scripts and architect your testing for long-term success.

k6 Cloud has been a major upgrade in comparison to previous testing service providers - total test runs, quick and helpful responses to our support inquiries, good visualization of test results, and active k6 community.

The engine is modern; you can feel the maturity of the design and its APIs. The Cloud user interface is intuitive and powerful. This praise would not be complete without underlining how quickly you can get up a running; in part to the efficient documentation and great support.

Need to augment your team?

Our professional services team can partner with your engineering team to ensure the scalability and performance of your products.

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