28 September 2018

Webinar Recording - Load testing your E-commerce site

Load Impact

The peak holiday shopping season is almost upon us and your e-commerce website must be ready to handle the traffic. Your customers won't wait for more than a couple of seconds for your pages to load.

If you want to learn more about load testing e-commerce sites, we recommend reading 7 Tips for Load Testing an E-Commerce Site.

Black Friday bags

Attend this webinar to learn about e-commerce website load testing best practices. Ensure the performance you need to meet demand.

Guest speaker: Michael Sjölin, Load Impact Professional Services

Learn about:

  • Determining what you should test
  • What level of traffic you need to generate
  • How to test login and checkout processes
  • How to use Data Stores in your tests
  • Other considerations for ancillary services

This webinar is presented by John Emmitt, Director of Product Marketing.

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